Time up for Green Payroll

People across the continents are thinking of saving planet earth.  Global warming and furious natural calamities ( can we say drought as a natural calamity) are troubling human lives more than ever. Greed and lack of innovation made us to exploit thick, lush green forests.  Every year we are making million of tons of paper. Once these trees are over, what should we do? Apart from this, ecological imbalance and its resultant impact in environment are serious worries.

Every year, mills are producing millions of tons of paper and organizations are consuming it to  write, store, compute, print and disburse information. Why don’t we move to digital era?

Let’s take the case of a 100 people strong manufacturing unit .  Every month their shop floor supervisors will forward the attendance report together with employee leave details with the signature of shop floor manager to Payroll Executive. Payroll Executive will enter leave details in a register for record maintenance and cross verification in future,  loan payments, deductions etc. Then Payroll Executive will update required information in a spreadsheet to calculate the salary payable to employees. Once the salary statement is ready, will take a print out and get the signature of  Unit Chief and forward to Finance for payout.  Now coming the bulk printing job, i.e to print payslips.  As they are not paying salary through bank account, Payroll Executive will take payslip printouts in duplicate. During salary disbursement,  Payroll Executive will collect one copy with the signature of employee and filing purpose.

Now let’s visualize how a SaaS Payroll Software can make his life better and of course save planet earth from environmental hazards

  • Connect to Internet and go to SaaS provider’s website URL : 30 seconds
  • Verify features, clientele, pricing and testimonials : 5 – 10 minutes
  • Verify it security and privacy policies : 5 minutes
  • Sign up for online payroll trial (evaluation) for 30 days : 3-5 minutes
  • Set up company information : 2 minutes
  • Enter basic employee information including employee’s bank account details (you can create a digital file and handover to company’s bank , so that they can transfer the salary to employees) direct entry or  import  information using spreadsheet : 15-30 minutes
  • Create payroll months for previous 3 months salary : 3 minutes
  • Define salary structure, import salary information for the last 3 months in the system : 15 minutes
  • Create current payroll month and update salary details : 10-15 minutes
  • Process payroll : 1 minute
  • Generate salary statement, check reports, verify accuracy, compare difference with last month’s payroll : 10 minutes
  • Generate statutory reports and returns : 10 minutes
  • Generate Bank Transfer file and forward to Bank for online salary transfer : 1 minute
  • Release payslips to employees, either via employee self service or through mail : 1 minute

That’s it …your payroll process is over! 100% digital and it is absolutely ‘Green’ Payroll, right?


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